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Year: 2002
USA & UK: Warner Bros
Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Julianna Margulies, Ron Eldard, Desmond Harrington, Isaiah Washington, Alex Dimitriades, Karl Urban, Emily Browning, Francesca Rettondini, Boris Brkic, Iain Gardiner, Cameron Watt
Director: Steve Beck
Countries: USA / Australia
USA: 91 mins
UK: 90 mins
USA Rated: R for strong violence/gore, language and sexuality
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong violence, language and horror
USA Release Date: 25 October 2002
UK Release Date: 24 January 2003


GHOST SHIP tells the story of a boat salvage crew that discovers the eerie remains of a grand, luxurious passenger liner, the Antonia Graza. Built in 1954 she was the pride of the Italian Line. But when she set sail for America in the spring of 1962, her passengers were blissfully unaware of the unspeakable evil that would soon befall them, sealing their fates and ensuring that this journey would be their last...

More than 40 years later Canadian Air Force pilot Jack Ferriman (Desmond Harrington - RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS) recruits a salvage team to investigate a mysterious vessel he has spotted floating adrift off the coast of Alaska. in a remote region of the Bering Sea. The salvage crew of the tugboat Arctic Warrior comprising: Captain Sean Murphy (Gabriel Byrne - ENEMY OF THE STATE, THE USUAL SUSPECTS), expert salvage team leader Maureen Epps (Julianna Margulies - ER, THE MISTS OF AVALON), First Mate Greer (Isaiah Washington - EXIT WOUNDS, ROMEO MUST DIE) and technicians Dodge (Ron Eldard - BLACK HAWK DOWN, ER), Munder (Karl Urban - TV's XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS) and Santos (Alex Dimitriades - LA SPAGNOLA) - are the best in the business.

They discover the remains of the fabled Antonia Graza, thought lost at sea over 40 years ago. The salvage crew, once onboard, must confront the ship's horrific past and face the ultimate fight for their lives for they discover that the decaying vessel is anything but deserted. It's home to something more deadly and horrific than anything they've encountered in all their years at sea.

GHOST SHIP is produced by Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis and Gil Adler and directed by Steve Beck, the creative team behind last year's hit Dark Castle horror film 13 GHOSTS. The film is executive produced by Bruce Berman and Steve Richards, and associate produced by Susan Levin, with music by John Frizzell and written by Mark Hanlon and John Pogue.

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