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To The Ends Of The Earth And Sea

Year: 2007
USA: The Bigger Picture
UK DVD: Revolver Entertainment
Cast: Takashi Sorimachi, Rei Kikukawa, Mayumi Wakamura
Director: Schinchiro Sawai
Country: Japan
UK: 136 mins
USA Rated: R for some violence
UK Certificate: 15 contains moderate bloody violence
USA Release Date: 21 February 2008 (limited)
UK DVD Release Date: 23 Jun 2008


GENGHIS KHAN: To the Ends Of The Earth and Sea is a big-budget Japanese epic that traces the rise of the legendary Mongolian emperor from boy-warrior to conquering warlord.

Assailed by doubts over the secret of his birth, Khan faces conflict and betrayal by his childhood friend, as well as mixed feelings of love and hatred for the son who bears the same burden.

GENGHIS KHAN charts the fascinating and remarkable period of his life from birth to his awesome conquests in Asia, in breathtaking cinematic scale.

With a $30 million budget, and four months shooting on location in Mongolia, this spectacular historical epic reveals the mystery behind the man who built one of the greatest empires in history.

Beautifully shot, and featuring striking battle scenes in which 5,000 Mongolian Army soldiers appear, alongside over 27,000 extras, Genghis Khan the hero now emerges from the history that has concealed him for so long.

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