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Year: 2003
USA DVD: Weinstein Company
UK DVD: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Cast: Christina Ricci, Ioan Gruffudd, Stephen Dillane, Robert Hardy, Mackenzie Crook
Director: Brian Gilbert
Country: UK
USA: 92 mins
UK: 87 mins
USA Rated: R for violence and language
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong bloody violence and strong language
USA DVD Release Date: 30 January 2007
UK DVD Release Date: 28 March 2011


When wondering on foot to the town of Ashby Wake, a young American girl Cassie (Christina Ricci) is hit by a car driven by Marion Kirkman (Kerry Fox). As a result, Cassie loses her memory and is invited to stay with Marion and her family. Whilst recovering Cassie becomes very close to Michael, the young son of Marion's husband Simon, an art historian currently examining a buried 1st Century church embedded with images of Christ’s crucifixion.

Cassie soon begins to have horrific visions of the townspeople and their deaths so decides to investigate this mystery further. Is the town cursed or are her visions spirits from the unearthed church grasping for life? What is uncovered will shock and terrify you!

Filmed in the beautiful British Cotswold village of Northleach by the Isle of Man Film Council, this British horror evokes the best of its genre with its stunning English landscape and luscious greenery.

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