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Year: 2000
UK: Pathe
Cast: Billy Connolly, Iain Glen, Rosie Rowell, Sean Landless, David Bradley, Jordan Routledge, Ian Cullen, Trevor Fox, Bridie Hales, Nicky Hayer, Jacqueline King, Dominic McHale, Andy Mulligan
Director: Udayan Prasad
Country: UK
UK: 87 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, sex references and medical horror
UK Release Date: 2 November 2001


A present-day story, set in the North-East of England, which mingles childlike fantasy, earthy comedy and powerful human emotions, it is based on the prize-winning BBC radio play, "I Luv You Jimmy Spud", by BILLY ELLIOT writer Lee Hall, about a young boy who aspires to become an angel.

Billy Connolly stars alongside a whole host of British talent (Rosie Powell, Soldier Soldier; David Bradley, Blow Dry) as the Archangel Gabriel. Young dreamer, Jimmy Spud (newcomer Sean Landless), a victim of school bullying who is desperate to escape the misery of his dysfunctional family, applies for a job with the Archangel and duly gains an apprenticeship.

Jimmy is certain that his prayers have been answered as he dons his home-made feathered robe and performs a series of miracles. The trainee angel learns quickly and even manages to save the life of a drowning Boy Scout (East is East's Jordan Routledge) whom he later befriends.

However, Jimmy soon becomes disillusioned with his new role, as his father (Iain Glen, Tomb Raider) subjects him to constant maltreatment in an attempt to make him forget his feathers and celestial trumpet, and concern himself with computer games, girls and football which interest normal eleven year old boys. This and the lack of acknowledgement he receives for his miraculous acts pushes Jimmy to the point of renouncing his angelic status. However when his father is diagnosed with lung cancer, Jimmy decides to turn to his celestial powers for help one more time...

Billy Connolly stars as the Archangel Gabriel with teenage newcomer Sean Landless (as Jimmy Spud) and Iain Glen (TOMB RAIDER) and Rosie Rowell (SOLDIER, SOLDIER) as Dad and Mam, as well as David Bradley (BLOW DRY), and Jordan Routledge (EAST IS EAST). GABRIEL AND ME is directed by Udayan Prasad (MY SON, THE FANATIC) and produced by Marc Samuelson and Peter Samuelson (WILDE, ARLINGTON ROAD). The film's musical theme, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot", arranged by Stephen Warbeck and Joseph Shabalala, is performed by the legendary Ladysmith Black Mambazo.


Subtitles: Hard of Hearing English,
Original Aspect Ratio:1.77:1
Sound Quality:5.1
DVD Special Features:
Making of Featurette
Theatrical Trailer

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