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Year: 2007
USA: Warner Independent Pictures
UK: Tartan Films / Halcyon Pictures
Cast: Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Michael Pitt, Brady Corbet, Devon Gearhart, Boyd Gaines, Siobhan Fallon, Robert Lupone, Linda Moran
Director: Michael Haneke
Countries: USA / France / UK / Austria / Germany / Italy
USA: 112 mins
UK: 111 mins
USA Rated: R for terror, violence and some language
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong sustained threat, humiliation and violence
USA Release Date: 14 March 2008 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: 4 April 2008 (Limited Release)


W h a t a r e y o u l o o k i n g a t?

Having established himself as one of the most important directors working today in Europe, winning Best Film for HIDDEN at the European Film Awards, Michael Haneke takes on America with an English language remake every bit as shocking as his brilliantly conceived original 1997 FUNNY GAMES.

In this exploration of our violent culture, Haneke retells the story through the eyes of middle-class housewife Anna (Naomi Watts), her husband George (Tim Roth) and their 10 year-old son, Georgie (Devon Gearhart), who arrive at their secluded holiday home in the Hamptons for a two-week vacation.

Soon after they arrive, a young man (Brady Corbet) makes a surprise call, and asks to borrow some eggs on behalf of the family's neighbours. When the man is joined by his 'charming' friend (Michael Pitt), what initially appears to be an innocuous visit by their neighbour's guests, soon turns into a horrifying ordeal for all concerned as the two men embark upon a twisted campaign of torment and raw terror.

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