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Year: 2006
USA: Emerging Pictures
Cast: Matt McGrath, Judah Friedlander, Alan Cumming, Deborah Harry, Amy Sedaris, Joie Lee, Jerry Grayson, Katie Kreisler, David Ilku, Benjamin Karpf, Zully Montero, Nadia Nardini, Jim Fyfe, Roy Eudon, Richard Lozano, Steven Lozano, Christopher Swan, Jamie Buckwald, Amy London, Lindsay Ryan, Carl Castleton, Dulce Castleton, Coman Munroe, Peter Badalamenti, Lorraine Munroe, Darwin Sealy
Director: David Munro
Country: USA
USA: 80 mins
USA Release Date: 25 June 2008 (Limited Release - New York)

US Distributor


Set in a stylized yet familiar landscape of Americana, Munro's whimsical cautionary tale follows Alby Cutrera (Matt McGrath), a 35 year-old husband and father who longs for the days of his carefree boyhood when his only occupation was playing with his action figures.

Desperate to escape the responsibility of adulthood and return to his untroubled childhood days, Alby tracks down his childhood whipping boy Elias (Judah Friedlander), who now teaches at a special needs school, and persuades him to take a road trip to Diggityland - their favorite childhood theme park.

As Alby and Elias travel along Florida's tatty Orange Blossom Highway, they encounter a cast of tragicomic creatures. Calamity and mayhem disrupt their sentimental trip down memory lane and it becomes an unsolicited lesson on the perils of living in the past.

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