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Year: 2005
UK: ICA Films
Cast: Janne Virtanen, Susanna Anteroinen, Aada Hämes, Santtu Nuutinen, Viivi Hämes, Jari Pehkonen, Jarmo Keskivaari, Jukka Holm, Eric Le Roux, Juha Veijonen, Annele Lauri, Sari Havas, Pertti Sveholm, Matti Fredi Siitonen, Hanna-Riikka Siitonen, Börje Hiltunen, Katja Hedman, Kari Kuorikoski, Eija Riina Kurra, Marko Kanerva, Paavo Westerberg, Sakari Kovasiipi, Taimi Kaajasalo, Matti Malinen, Sirkku Laurila
Director: Aku Louhimies
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish (English subtitles)
UK: 127 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong sex and one bloody image
UK Release Date: 13 October 2006 (Limited Release)


FROZEN LAND is a startlingly impressive Finnish film set against a bleak, but often darkly amusing, wintry world of drink and despair, where bad luck is passed on to a series of different people, all teetering on the edges of their lives. From a boozy rogue and a tormented cop through to a sad teacher and a troubled vacuum cleaner salesman, the film is provocative and absorbing.

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