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Year: 2004
UK: Vertigo Films
Cast: Danny Dyer, Frank Harper, Tamer Hassan, Roland Manookian, Neil Maskell, Dudley Sutton, Jamie Foreman
Director: Nick Love
Country: UK
UK: 91 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong language, violence and drugs use
UK Release Date: 14 May 2004


From the critically acclaimed and best selling writer John King comes the adaptation of his cult novel being produced by award winning producers Allan Niblo (HUMAN TRAFFIC, SOUTH WEST 9) and James Richardson (KISS KISS BANG BANG). The film is directed by one of Britain's hottest new talents Nick Love whose debut film was GOODBYE CHARLIE BRIGHT.

THE FOOTBALL FACTORY is a study of loyalty, football violence and male culture. The story centres around Tommy Johnson (Danny Dyer) a bored twenty something who lives for the weekend, casual sex, watered down lager, heavily cut drugs.... And occasionally kicking the f*ck out of someone. Tommy's life ambles along until a violent encounter with a rival firm top boy starts a tit for tat war and a series of nightmares force him to ask him the question about his life: is it worth it?

Told through Tommy's eyes and linked together by his relationships with three other generations of males, THE FOOTBALL FACTORY is a drug fuelled adrenaline rush of a story about friendship, revenge and violence.

This is England's worst nightmare. Enjoy it.

Following closely in the footsteps of the book, THE FOOTBALL FACTORY is a violent and humorous snapshot of the infamous Chelsea Head-hunters. Both hard hitting and hugely entertaining it speaks directly to its generation.

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