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Year: 2002
UK: Parasol / Peccadillo Pictures
Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Paul Rhys, Alan Corduner, Kevin Bishop, Geraldine McEwan, Leslie Charles, Craig Hill, Pamela Field, Naim Thomas, Mingo Rafols, Roger Coma, Pepa López, Mauricio Cruz, Manu Fullola, Carlos Castanón, Hernan Gonzalez, Brenda Roque, Helenika Hellevig, Sue Flack, Marianne Choquet, Jack McKusay
Director: Ventura Pons
Countries: Spain / Germany
UK: 112 mins
UK Certificate: 15
UK Release Date: 22 Aug 2003
UK Release Date: 8 August 2003 (Limited Release - London)


18 year-old Paul (Kevin Bishop) is a talented music student with dreams of becoming a concert pianist. His first experience on the stage of a concert hall is in San Francisco as a page-turner for the British celebrity pianist Richard Kennington (Paul Rhys), Paul's idol. While Kennington plays, Paul is lost in the music and Kennington's good looks. He cannot take his eyes off him. The invitation for a drink after the recital is dashed when Pamela (Juliet Stevenson) interrupts some very unsubtle and determined flirtation. Flirtation that has not gone unnoticed by Joseph Mansourian (Alan Corduner), Kennington's agent and lover. Over the top with pride Pamela drags off her unwilling son whose curiosity has been aroused.

After a messy divorce, and several weeks later, Pamela whisks Paul off to Barcelona for an overdue holiday. They run into Kennington who has just finished a world tour. Paul allows his dormant sexuality to be awakened after their first encounter and allows himself to be seduced by the Virtuoso. They start a passionate and tender affair. Pamela is blissfully unaware of this as she considers the possibility that the charming single Englishman may just be interested in her. Believing that the feeling is mutual she surprises Kennington at his hotel, moments after her son has left! Too charged with her own agenda she doesn't blink an eye when she spots Paul's boxer shorts hanging from the bathroom door!

Kennington is sent a new International Concert schedule. Just the excuse he needs to conveniently end the affair and leave behind heartbroken Paul.

Upon returning to America Paul starts his studies in New York, but confused and still hurt by his first love affair he loses confidence and realises that he doesn't have enough talent to pursue a professional career. He's a smart and resourceful young man and fortunately the music industry is full of older gentlemen who are always keen to "help" a handsome young man. Paul returns to San Francisco for the Christmas holidays and Pamela soon becomes aware that much more is going on in her son's life than she had previously realised and in an emotional confessional scene mother and son find each other.

A film by Ventura Pons, based on The Page Turner by David Leavitt

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