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Year: 2008
UK: Walt Disney
Cast: Daniel Craig, Helen McCrory, Olivia Williams, Emilia Fox, Mark Strong, James Darcy, Claire Forlani, Jodhi May, Alfie Allen, Sid Mitchell, Eve, Harry Eden, Max Deacon, Annabel Linder
Director: Baillie Walsh
Country: UK
UK: 113 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong sex, hard drug use and one use of very strong language
UK Release Date: 18 April 2008
UK Distributor


Still in his 40s, Joe Scot (Daniel Craig) has wrecked his Hollywood star status with his hedonistic lifestyle of sex, drugs and celebrity has taken its toll.

Handsome but alone, Joe lives a directionless life in his opulent Malibu mansion whilst outside the tide of public opinion has turned firmly against him. Only when confronted by tragedy is he forced to face up to the ghosts of his past.

Flashback to 1970's England and small town life set to the beat of Roxy Music and Bowie. Joe's rites of passage as a young man (Harry Eden) in a tiny British seaside community lay the foundations for the Hollywood dream he goes on to experience. His budding sexuality, his boyhood camaraderie, the untoward advances of a voluptuous older woman and his teenage actions lead to unforeseen, tragic consequences, which will ultimately force him to flee in search of a new life.

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