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Year: 2000
UK: Artificial Eye
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Pascal Greggory, Guillaume Canet, Michel Subor, Magali Noël, Marc François, Edith Scob, Marina Hands, Manuel Le Lievre, Aurelien Recoing, Jean-Charles Dumay, Guy Trejan, Edea Darcque, Julie Brochen, Armande Altaï, William Mesguich, Cecile Richard, Bruno López, Isabelle Malin, Alain Guillo, Olivier Bony, Philippe Dormoy, Guy-Pierre Bennet, Lionel Bremond, Pascal Tokatlian, Thomas Marty, Françoise Geier, Johann Meunier, Alice Carel, Andre Valardy, Chantal Pelliconi, Stanislas Januskiewicz, Xawery Zulawski, Sylvain Maury, Oury Milshtein
Director: Andrzej Zulawski
Country: France
Language: French (English subtitles)
UK: 166 mins
UK Certificate: 15 for strong language, sex, violence and drug use
UK Release Date: 1 December 2000

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