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Year: 2005
UK: Showbox Media Group
Cast: Patrick Thompson, Alex O'Loughlin, Gabby Millgate, Jack Thompson, Matthew Le Nevez, David No
Director: Brett Leonard
Country: Australia
UK: 101 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong sex and violence
UK Release Date: 17 February 2006


A hot shot cyber crime investigator, Phillip Jackson (Patrick Thompson) polices the underbelly of the internet and comes across a suspicious website for 'Feeders' and 'Gainers' - the weird world of fat erotica. A sexual subculture, this is where fat admiring men (Feeders) seek out obese women (Gainers).

But one of these men, Michael Turner otherwise known as Feeder X (Alex O'Loughlin), may be going too far by feeding his charges to death and then publishing the details online.

Phillip Jackson tracks him to Toledo, Ohio and goes there determined to uncover the sinister underworld.

What he discovers may cost him his life... or sanity.

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