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Year: 2001
UK: Mephisto Films Ltd
Cast: Miguel angel Sola, Eduard Fernandez, Najwa Nimri, Raquel Gonzalez, Juan Fernandez, Pep Molina, Irene Montala, Cristina Piaget
Directors: alex Olle, Isidro Ortiz; Carlos Padrissa
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
UK: 94 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong sex and grisly images
UK Release Date: 6 June 2003 (Limited Release)


Doctor Faust (Miguel angel Sola) is a man whose life is falling apart. A specialist in terminal medicine, his entire life is spent with patients on the brink of death. He himself, wrapped up in routine, is turning into a living corpse. Faust is a man without dreams, closer to death than to life.

The only contact the doctor has wit reality is Julia (Najwa Nimri), his assistant. She is the one who perceives the changes that Faust experiences, until she herself is involved, without knowing it, in an interplay of desires.

Doctor Faust has to participate in a convention on terminal medicine. On arriving at the station, he comes across Santos Vela (Eduard Fernandez), a man who affirms having been a patient of his. What Santos says surprises and scares Faust: he assures him that he had given him up for dead eight years ago.

Santos is a rude, disturbing and seductive person, a talkative and arrogant man who butts into the life of the doctor with no contemplations and will guide Faust on a fantastic journey through his own conscience.

Santos makes him the best proposition: to turn any of his desires into reality. Fausto's desires are orders for Santos. A journey begins through a tunnel from which Faust will not come out with the same countenance.

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