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Year: 2000
USA: Lot 47 Films
Cast: Anna Thomson, Jamie Harris, Louise Lasser, Robert Modica, Lonette McKee, Victor Argo, Angelica Torn, Austin Pendleton, Valerie Geffner, Mark Margolis, Judith Roberts, Lynn Cohen, Salem Ludwig, Loulou Katz, Irma St. Paule
Director: Amos Kollek
Countries: France / Italy / USA
USA: 95 mins
USA Rated: R for sexuality/nudity and language
USA Release Date: 18 May 2001 (Limited Release - New York)


Written and directed by Amos Kollek, FAST FOOD FAST WOMEN is a contemporary New York comedy, starring Anna Thomson (UNFORGIVEN) and Louise Lasser (HAPPINESS), that follows the romantic twists and turns of the patrons of a Manhattan coffee shop and its over-worked waitress Bella (Anna Thomson) who, on the cusp of her 35th birthday, allows herself to be set-up on a date with Bruno (Jamie Harris), an irresponsible cab driver and father of two.

As Bella begins a guarded courtship with Bruno, one of her regular customers Paul (Robert Modica) - a long-time widow - responds to an ad in a lonely-hearts column and meets Emily (Louise Lasser). After a promising first few dates, Paul finds he is questioning whether he still has the passion within himself to make a new relationship work. As Paul comes to terms with his reluctance to be with Emily, Bella finds herself at a similar place with Bruno. She feels a strong connection to Bruno but is worried about taking a chance on a relationship when so many have failed for her before.

The two relationships cautiously continue and soon the couples find themselves at the mercy of the strange and often random encounters of life when Bella, who has the knack for creating her own luck, finds herself presented with a life she could have never expected.

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