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Year: 2005
USA: Cinema Libre Studio
Cast: Alberto Fujimori
Director: Ellen Perry
Country: USA
Language: Spanish / English
USA: 83 mins
USA Release Date: 5 May 2006 (Limited Release - New York)


In a nation besieged by bloody insurgents and appalling poverty a politically unknown candidate who vows to fight for the poor wins the Presidency and declares an all out war on terror, which soon afterwards the foremost public enemy is captured.

The country is Peru. The President is Alberto Fujimori. The year is 1992.

THE FALL OF FUJIMORI is a character-driven, political thriller exploring the volatile events that defined Fujimori's decade-long reign: His meteoric rise from son of poor Japanese immigrants to the presidency; his fateful relationship with the shadowy and Machiavellian Vladimiro Montesinos; his "self-coup" that dissolved overnight both Congress and the Judiciary; and the bloody and dramatic Japanese Embassy hostage crisis.

Escaping from Peru in disgrace four years ago, Alberto Fujimori has remained virtually silent in his exile about the sensational end of his controversial presidency. Until now...

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