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Year: 2002
USA: Indican Pictures
Cast: Desmond Askew, J Richey Nash, Michael Panes, Katheryn Winnick, Coleen Sexton, Deven May, Theo Hausen, Douglas Wert, Robert Larkin, Jim Ireland, Susan Porro, William Ryall, Adam LeFevre, Tony Cucci, John O'Connor, Brandon Johnson, Andrew Hamrick
Director: Ari Kirschenbaum
Country: USA
USA: 84 mins
USA Release Date: 10 December 2004 (Limited Release)
USA Release Date: 12 November 2004 (Limited Release)


"There once was a wolf named Lupold, who was black as coal, as thick as a tree trunk, and feared like death."

Meet Joseph Fable.

Joseph (Desmond Askew) just broke up with his girlfriend and is not taking it very well. His girlfriend might be plotting against him with their mutual psychiatrist. He suspects that the people at work might be responsible for his missing dog. Then there is that unshakable guilt over his past. It just might all be bearable, somehow possible to live through, if it weren't for those damned "monsters" that keep trying to kill him. Engulfed in a downward spiral into guilt and madness, Joseph tries to maintain his sanity as outside forces pull him towards a violent conclusion.

Through an allegorical "fable" that is told in parallel with Joseph's struggle, we are left to decide for ourselves in the end, who is the crow and who is the wolf, was someone out to get Joseph, was it a stroke of bad luck, or was it all in his head?

FABLED is filled with symbolism and mystery and each viewer will see something different. From the puzzling opening to the disturbing climax, it is a story where nothing is what is seems

FABLED marks the feature film debut of writer, director and editor Ari Kirschenbaum.

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