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Year: 2007
USA: MCR Releasing
Cast: Samantha Morton, Jason Patric, Illeana Douglas, Teri Garr, Sonia Iris Lozada, Jonny Mack, Roberta Bassin, Joe Camareno, Joanne Baron, William Tempel
Director: Cecilia Miniucchi
Country: USA
USA: 112 mins
USA Release Date: 20 June 2008 (Limited Release)


Filmed in and around Santa Monica and Venice in Southern California, EXPIRED is the first full-length feature film written and directed by acclaimed documentary and music-video director Cecilia Miniucchi. Starring Samantha Morton, Jason Patric, Teri Garr and Illeana Douglas, EXPIRED is a comedy for everyone who has ever faced the nerve-wracking decision to continue or end a love affair.

A kind-hearted meter maid in sunny Santa Monica, Claire (Samantha Morton) takes a soft touch approach to the parking offenders she writes tickets out for. Sympathetic and unpatronizing, she goes about her job in a positive, friendly way.

Her complete opposite, Jay (Jason Patric) is a brusque traffic-control officer whose job allows him the perfect outlet for his anger and frustrations, but these two colleagues feel a powerful mutual attraction. As they put aside their fears they embark on a tumultuous romantic relationship. All it will take to save a little change.

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