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Year: 2004
USA: Regent Releasing
Cast: Conrad Pla, Caroline Neron, Victoria Sanchez, Sarah Manninen, Ilona Elkin, John Dunn-Hil, Nick Baillie, Arthur Holden, Kathleen Munroe, Romano Orzari, Yves Corbeil, Liane Balaban, Joey Pla, James A Woods, Suzanna Lenir, Arthur Holden, Justin Bradley, Kathleen Munroe, Yves Corbeil, Romano Orzari, Jennifer Morehouse, Ella, Suzanne Jaquart, John Dunn-Hill, Genevieve Sabourin, Concita Puglisi, Cristina Bertini, Ted Rusoff, Francesco Loi, Luca Sinigallia, Natacha Noël, Stephanie Dixon, Anna Rubin, Valerie Wiseman, Valentina Bordin, Maura Leone, Sylvia Cohen, Manon Nadia Umbertelli, Juliana Kögler
Directors: Wilhelm Liebenberg, Federico Sanchez
Country: Canada
USA: 107 mins
USA Release Date: 2 September 2005 (Limited Release - wider)
USA Release Date: 26 August 2005 (Limited Release - New York)


When the wife of Montreal vice cop Raymond Pope (Conrad Pla) disappears, the trail leads him to the home of Elizabeth Kane (Caroline Neron), a disturbingly beautiful woman who taunts him with information, but denies him any answers.

A dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues as Pope's investigation reveals that Elizabeth, along with her servant, Irina (Victoria Sanchez), have no documented history, and seem bizarrely connected to the past - particularly that of Erszebet Bathory, the Transylvanian countess who murdered 650 women in order to bathe in their blood.

The closer Pope gets, the more sadistic Elizabeth becomes, systematically targeting those around him and framing him for their murders.

Based on real-life events and inspired by the look and feel of classic film-noir and the terrifying storytelling of Hitchcock, ETERNAL's blend of suspense, horror and perverse romanticism walks delicately between reality and fantasy.

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