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Year: 2002
USA: Dimension Films
UK: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Christian Bale, Emily Watson, Taye Diggs, Angus MacFadyen, Sean Bean, William Fichtner, Oliver Brandl, Francesco Cabras, Daniel Lee Clark, Christian Kahrmann, Armin Marewski, Dominic Purcell, Dennenesch Zoude
Director: Kurt Wimmer
Country: USA
UK: 106 mins
USA Rated: R for violence
UK Certificate: 15 contains some strong violence
USA Release Date: 6 December 2002 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: 14 March 2003


In the nation of Libria, there is always peace among men. The rules of the Librian system are simple. If you are happy, you will be arrested. If you cry, the law will hunt you down. If you read a contraband book or so much as look at a smuggled painting, you've committed a criminal sin, skip your enforced medicine and your life will be over.

This is the shocking futuristic world of EQUILIBRIUM, a razor-sharp action-thriller set in a future where emotion has been banned as the very root of crime and war.

Clerick John Preston (Christian Bale) is a top ranking government agent responsible for destroying those who resist the rules. However when he misses a dose of Prozium, a mind-altering drug that hinders emotion, Preston, who has been trained to enforce the strict laws of the new regime, suddenly discovers he's the only person capable of overthrowing it.

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