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Year: 2005
USA: Aloha Releasing
Cast: Gladys Rodriguez, Awilda Carbia, Gladys Aguayo, Jose Felix Gómez, Sara Jarque, Jonathan Dwayne, Katy Franco, Teófilo Torres, Magali Carrasquillo, Yesmin Luzette, Samuel Negrón, Luisa de los Rios
Director: Luis Molina Casanova
Country: Puerto Rico
Language: English / Spanish
USA: 100 mins
USA Release Date: 10 March 2006 (Limited Release - New York)


The film tells the story of ten Puerto Ricans living in New York, who only have memories of their native island and by a stroke of luck now have the opportunity of returning to Puerto Rico. Each one of these people has their own motives for wanting to carry out their "Sueno del Regreso" or "Dream of the Return," but mixed with the illusion to return is the fear of what they are going to find there, that arises from unresolved matters of the past and of the present.

Among this group who are inevitably united by their singular experience of returning to their place of origin are the elegant president of a foundation, millionaire Carlotta Stonebridge (Gladys Rodriguez); Sara Cristina (Sara Jarque); Daisy (Magali Carrasquillo) and Baldo Martinez (Teófilo Torres), a married couple that want to retire to their native island, but have an only daughter, Maggie (Yesmin Luzette), whose future is centered in New York; Rodolfo Roman (Jose Felix Gómez), a former reverend that left in the island in the wake of broken hearts; Chris Columbus (Jonathan Dwayne), a successful executive whose partner Holly (Katy Franco) is from America and has settled into the American way of life; and Clotilde (Gladys Aguayo) and Catalina Puente (Awilda Carbia), two elderly sisters who wait sadly for their children, nieces and nephews who never visit.

The trip between New York and San Juan is not only physical, but also spiritual, forcing reactions, reflections and decisions that will have a deep impact on them all.

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