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Year: 2006
USA: Picturehouse
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, John Ortiz, Manny Perez, Edwin Rivera, Nelson Vasquez, Vincent Laresca, Bernard Hernandez, Christopher Becerra, Andrea Navedo, Antone Pagan, Romi Dias, Deirdre Lorenz, Federico Castelluccio, Danny A Abeckaser, Douglas J Aguirre, Tony Devon, Brother Douglas, Vaneik Echeverria, Melissa Gonzalez, Marcus Collins, Chiko Mendez, Vianca Mercedes, Jack Mulcahy, Jorge Pupo, Hector A Leguillow, Anibal De Gracia, Yorgo Stathopoulos, Lou Torres, Richie Viruet, Jerry Perez, Michael Caputo, Claudia Lopez
Cast (voices of): Denise Blasor, Yan Ruiz, J Teddy Garces
Director: Leon Ichaso
Country: USA
USA: 106 mins
USA: English / Spanish
USA Rated: R for drug use, pervasive language and some sexuality
USA Release Date: 3 August 2007

US Distributor


EL CANTANTE is the dramatic biography of Puerto Rican salsa pioneer Hector Lavoe. The film follows Lavoe's (Marc Anthony) passionate relationship with Puchi (Jennifer Lopez) and his developing career as he's propelled to international stardom and global fame. But even when he has it all, Lavoe is unable to escape the allure of drugs and his personal pain.

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