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Year: 2007
USA: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Ritter, Eva Amurri, Christopher Marquette, Sebastian Stan, Gloria Votsis, Steven Hinkle, Miles Chandler, Cain Kerner, Dennis Boutsikaris, Sam Daly, Gabe Karon, Olivia Keister, Josh Richman, Charles Parnell, Vincent James Russo
Director: Fred Durst
Country: USA
USA: 100 mins
USA Rated: R for pervasive language, some violence, sexual content, and drug and alcohol use
USA Release Date: 27 March 2009 (Limited Release)


Charlie Bank's (Jesse Eisenberg) leads a sheltered and privileged world at his Ivy League campus. Imagine his scepticism when an old acquaintance with a violent past, Mick (Jason Ritter), turns up without warning at his dorm room.

Mick's charismatic personality quickly wins over Charlie's friends and his crush, Mary (Eva Amurri), as he effortlessly integrates himself into Charlie's life who becomes increasingly unnerved yet at the same time impressed by Mick's easy charm. But an unspoken secret between the two - threatens to come to a head with ruinous consequences.

Set in the early '80's against the backdrop of Greenwich Village's rough and tumble playgrounds and an elite academic institution in Upstate New York, the film is a stirring coming-of-age story about trusting your instincts, your friends and yourself.

Fred Durst makes his directorial debut with THE EDUCATION OF CHARLIE BANKS, which also stars Chris Marquette, Sebastian Stan and Gloria Votsis.

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