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Year: 2005
USA: Pillen's Farm Pictures
Cast: David Sirk, Amaury Batista, Brian Osborne, Dave Spiecher, T Lee Beideck, Tree Clemonds, Two Sari, Jeremy McBride, Priscilla Macall, Brian Kehoe, Mike Koldan, Ryan Jermyn, Mark Spiecher, Gary Grana
Director: T Lee Beideck
Country: USA
USA: 94 mins
USA Release Date: 24 June 2005 (Limited Release)


Welcome to the world of the pizza delivery driver! Join the ride with the rowdy gang from "Bob's Pizza" as they take us on all their crazy adventures around the neighborhood. Philosophize with Sheldon, honk your horn with Friendly, drive your El Camino with Mang, run from dogs with Rupert, scam a tip with Tyler, find the man of your dreams with Little Debbie, and get revenge on all the rude customers with Peter the Chinese food man! Meet the whole entertaining town as this unconventional cast of characters unravels their personalities and paints for us a dead-on and wildly funny portrait of pizza delivery.

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