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Year: 2007
USA: Freestyle Releasing
UK DVD: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Cast: Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks, Robert Forster, Aimee Garcia, Craig Robinson, Chris Mulkey, John Ales, Elizabeth Peña, Billy Gardell, Holmes Osborne, Nicole Robinson, Geoffrey Pierson, Cody Arens, Kevin Breznahan, Jody L Carlson, Dominic Oliver, Craig Anton, Patricia Lee, Jody Carlson, Eloy Casados, Alexa Motley, Matthias Hues, Gregory Hinton, Derek Mears, Geard Griesbaum, Retta, Jane Silvia, Enci, Rob Roy Fitzgerald, Ehan Grant, Joe Don Harris, James Intveld, Jamie Kaler, Pete Kasper, James K Lee, Kerry Liu, Nathan Mills, Anthony Molinari, Art Oughton, Michael S Wiles, Cheyenne A. Dean
Director: Hyung-rae Shim
Country: South Korea / USA
Language: English (some Korean (English subtitles)
USA: 100 mins
UK: 86 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and creature action
UK Certificate: 12 contains moderate fantasy violence and horror
USA Release Date: 14 September 2007 (Limited Release)
UK DVD Release Date: 19 May 2008

(in Korean)


It's while TV reporter Ethan Kendrick (Jason Behr) is investigating a disaster that occurred at the Seven Palms Resort, that he notices the ground is so churned up everywhere and forklifts have been overturned it looks like the work of a hurricane. Ethan notices the FBI investigator dusting off a specimen with a brush. It looks like a giant dinosaur fossil or scale and he videotapes it.

Back at CGNN Headquarters in downtown, Ethan examines the image of the scale. While he is looking at his computer screen, he has a flashback to when he was a boy. He remembers visiting an antique shop with his father and meeting an old man named Jack who recounts a story about giant serpents called Imoogi, a story that most have presumed to be merely a legend.

Five hundred years ago in ancient Korea, a baby girl was born with a gift called the Yuh Yi Joo. The Yuh Yi Joo will completely form inside her by the time she turns twenty. An Imoogi who possesses it can transform itself into a dragon. An old monk and his disciple are the only two who believe this legend and try to protect the Yuh Yi Joo bearing girl. Haram, the warrior who is charged with protecting her falls in love with her. Instead of sacrificing her to the Imoogi, the two lovers plunge to their deaths. Jack tells young Ethan that he is the old monk reincarnated and that Ethan is the warrior. The old man tells Ethan he must find a girl named Sarah, who bears the mark of a dragon on her shoulder. He is to take her to the Grand Cave on her twentieth birthday.

Instinctively Ethan begins to search for this mysterious woman named Sarah (Amanda Brooks) unaware that the Evil Imoogi, named Buraki has appeared in Los Angeles with its army of foot soldiers and beasts. Meanwhile the FBI also connected the disaster and the scale to Sarah and they too are looking for Sarah.

Ultimately Ethan must protect Sarah from the Imoogi and save the city from total destruction and he also will when the time comes have to choose between love and destiny.


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