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aka DRACULA 2001 (UK)

Year: 2000
USA: Dimension Films
UK: Buena Vista International
Cast: Christopher Plummer, Jonny Lee Miller, Jennifer Esposito, Jeri Ryan, Justine Waddell, Gerard Butler, Omar Epps, Danny Masterson, Sean Patrick Thomas, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Lochlyn Munro, Shane West
Director: Patrick Lussier
Country: USA
USA: 127 mins
UK: 99 mins
USA Rated: R for violence/gore, language and some sexuality
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong horror, violence, language and sex
USA Release Date: 22 December 2000
UK Release Date: 15 June 2001


DRACULA 2000's update begins with team of techno-savvy thieves who break into a high-security vault, hoping to steal priceless artworks. To their utter disbelief, the vault instead hides a well-protected crypt, a crypt that has not been opened in 100 years, a crypt that will unleash Dracula's ancient terror upon the modem world - and all who come into contact with him.

Dracula, freed at last from a century in confinement, finds himself in a 21st century of chaos and temptation, of Virgin record stores and subterranean nightclubs, where he fits right in. His first destination is the United States - the ultimate location for his charismatic seductions of beautiful young women and his unceasing quest for power - but there is another reason he has come here. Somewhere in New Orleans is a young woman Dracula must find ... the only person on earth with whom he truly shares his dark legacy.

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