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Year: 2000
USA: Phaedra Cinema
Cast: Matt Schulze, Ric Sarabia, Jonathan Banks, Whitney Dylan, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Garies, Ajgie Kirkland, Christopher Kriesea
Director: Kevin Lewis
Country: USA
USA: 97 mins
USA Rated: R for violence, sexuality and language
USA Release Date: 17 November 2000


It has taken John Hunter (Matt Schulze) years to infiltrate the Guild of criminals who killed his parents. Finally, he has made it to the inner sanctum where he must perform as they instruct him, or have his cover exposed. Herod, the Guild's leader, orders John to perform a hit on Adam, a wayward. John fights his way into the warehouse complex, which serves as Adam's place of operations. After several encounters with resident goons and bodyguards, John is face to face with his "mark". The man pleads for his life ... and John hesitates. Adam pulls his own weapon and John is forced to kill him. The Guild is pleased with John's work on their behalf. Herod and Dominick, Herod's right hand man, are pleased at the aptitude their new member shows.

Herod asks John if he can take care of another 'friend', Gillian, that he is unable to meet her for a jazz concert. Gillian makes for a beautiful and intelligent companion for the evening. And in John, Gillian sees a delightful young man. Gillian is weary of her connections with Herod, and would let it all go if possible. She seduces John as he becomes enchanted with the beautiful woman. He later realizes that he has made a mistake and leaves her to contemplate what their time together might actually mean. Would Herod be jealous enough to have him killed?

Finally, Herod identifies the last weak link in the chain of crooks, the one last person who has ripped him off for millions of dollars and diamonds. Herod orders John to a roof top in downtown Los Angeles. At that location he will find his weapons and instructions on his mark. As John looks through the scope of his Russian sniper rifle, Gillian comes into frame. She is leaving the bank across the street. Through his earpiece he is ordered to kill her. He hesitates unable to pull the trigger on this woman. From a rooftop across the way Dominick appears and a gun battle ensues high above the streets of LA. John makes his way to the street and grabs Gillian before something else happens. They drive away. Gillian explains that she has stolen the loot from Herod. The chase is on. Through busy L.A. streets, apartment buildings, and garages, Herod always seems to locate them as they try and make their way out of Los Angeles into Mexico. As Herod's men finally surround John and Gillian, they battle for their lives. In a surprise ending of double crosses and twists, John, Herod and Gillian have their final shoot out in an appropriate place, a cemetery where all the truths come out.

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