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Year: 2000
UK: FilmFour
Cast: Mark Tonderai, Rik Billock, Nathan Constance, Gary Kemp, Crunski, Alan Davies, David Oyelowo, Madhav Sharma, Stewart Wright
Director: Moody Shoaibi
Country: UK
UK: 93 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and drug and sex references
USA Release Date: 7 December 2001


From the makers of KEVIN AND PERRY GO LARGE comes a spunky gross-out comedy about wannabe djs, hand jobs and making it past security.

Rooster (Mark Tonderai - KEVIN AND PERRY GO LARGE) is on one of his many 'get-rich quick' schemes, this time selling pornography, which causes a few problems with Jesus (Gary Kemp - THE KRAYS, THE BODYGUARD, 'Spandau Ballet') the local crime lord. Chang (Crunski) is fighting for custody of his daughter. CJ (David Oyelowo - BROTHERS AND SISTERS) has just discovered his girlfriend is cheating on him. Jess (Nathan Constance - WONDERLAND) finds the girl of his dreams only to blow it by bragging to the boys. Times are hard all round but nothing they can't handle.

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