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Year: 2001
UK: Metro Tartan
Cast: Maria Hofstatter, Alfred Mrva, Georg Friedrich, Erich Finsches, Christian Bakonyi, Viktor Hennemann, Christine Jirku, Gerti Lehner, Claudia Martini, Victor Rathbone, Rene Wanko, Franziska Weiss
Director: Ulrich Seidl
Country: Austria
Language: German (English subtitles)
UK: 127 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains one scene of explicit sexual activity and strong language
UK Release Date: 6 September 2002
(in German)


Situated within the suburbs of Vienna, Austria, during the summer heat, director Ulrich Seidl explores the lives of a diverse, bizarre group of people with little going for them Their stories all interweave with one another as they cross each other paths, in this his debut fictional feature having established himself with such documentaries as ANIMAL LOVE and MODELS.

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