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Year: 2003
USA: Artistic License Films
Cast: Thomas Jay Ryan, Annunziata Gianzero, Dick Bakalyan, Andrew Borba, Rick Wessler, Michael Deluise, Tom Crawford, Alex McArthur, Will Lyman, Kent Burnham, Erik Parillo, Elizabeth Callahan, Jeannette O'Connor, Dean Regan, Lisa Dinkins, Dane Petersen, Emme Shaw, Patrick Donnelly, Bronwyn Sims, Clark Tufts, Wayne Hinkley, Michael Wyle, Edna Page, Dorothy Brodesser-Platt, Richard Mitrani, Willy O'Donnell, Tommy Pellegrino, Robin Jones, Charlotte Glikman, Erol Zeybekoglu, Ben Slade, Jeff Zinn, Sarah Newhouse, Scott Jacobs, Ryan Landry, Mike Zammito, Timothy Sawyer, Lou Richards
Director: Mark Wilkinson
Country: USA
USA: 102 mins
USA Release Date: 28 February 2003 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and New York)


Gypsy's music rocked the world until the alternative rock violin star inexplicably disappears. Soured by the industry's commercialism, Gypsy (Annunziata Gianzero) slips away with her husband, Lucian (Andrew Borba), a famous New Age composer, to the desolate environs of off-season Cape Cod.

Yet, even here, Gypsy cannot escape her talent and celebrity. Lucian's arrogant exterior thinly masks an element of his professional jealousy, which threatens to destroy what little remains of their once vibrant marriage.

While Gypsy searches for personal and creative peace, the couple's retreat is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Lucian's estranged brother, Jimmy (Thomas Jay Ryan). Unbeknownst to them, Jimmy is silently tormented by his shattered past and has brutally killed his girlfriend.

As a retired local detective, Detective Dunbarton (Dick Bakalyan), closes in on Jimmy, another dead body turns up in the local waters. Meanwhile, Jimmy is becoming increasingly captivated by Gypsy's free-spirited nature, and as Lucian further alienates Gypsy, she is left in Jimmy's more attentive company. When Jimmy and Gypsy become friends, this unlikely bond between a tormented murderer and a pure artist strains the delicate balance of nature into discord.

DISCHORD is written, directed, produced and edited by Mark Wilkinson.

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