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Year: 2009
USA: Anchor Bay Films
UK: CinemaNX
Cast: Gemma Arterton, Martin Compston, Eddie Marsan
Director: J Blakeson
Country: UK
USA & UK: 98 mins
USA Rated: R for violent content, pervasive language and some sexuality/nudity
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong language, strong sex, violence and threat
USA Release Date: 6 August 2010 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: 30 April 2010


Two men, Danny and Vic, decisively steal a van and use it initially to buy and transport their supplies back to a rundown flat where they decorate and convert it to suit their purpose, which includes soundproofing and bolting a bed to the floor.

Disguising their faces and arming themselves they scour the streets until they find their victim - a young woman alone on a suburban street. Abducting the girl, Alice Creed, in the van they stole beforehand, they take her back to their prepared flat and incarcerate her there restrained to the bed...

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE has an all-star cast with Gemma Arterton (ST TRINIAN'S 2: THE LEGEND OF FRITTON'S GOLD, QUANTUM OF SOLACE) in lead role as Alice Creed, with Martin Compston (THE DAMNED UNITED, RED MIST) as Danny and Eddie Marsan (ME AND ORSON WELLES, HANCOCK) as Vic. Written and debut directorial feature by J Blakeson (co-writer THE DESCENT: PART 2).

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