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Year: 2003
UK: Indy UK Films
Cast: Laura Fraser, Callum Blue, Luke Aikman, Tom Bell, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Patrick Gordon, Lynda Bellingham, Jean Heard, James Kristian, Ian Henderson, Oliver Tait, Catriona Anderson, Kim Barrie, Richard Jack, Claire Gallagher, Noel Ingram, Adrian Glover, Wilbert Clark, Ian Henry, Alister Cooper, Hamish Hunter, Stuart Paul, Stuart St Paul, Marjolein Robertson, Jonathan Bulter, Marsali Baxter
Director: Stuart St Paul
Country: UK
UK: 100 mins
UK Certificate: 12A contains child abuse references
UK Release Date: 7 November 2003 (Limited Release - Scotland)


Sometimes you can't escape your destiny.

Rachel Crossman (Laura Fraser - A KNIGHT'S TALE, THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK) left 'Devil's Gate' five years ago in search of her mother and never intended to return. Tricked by her ex-boyfriend Rafe (Callum Blue - DEAD LIKE ME, AS IF both TV series) she braves what should have been a short trip back to 'Devil's Gate'. Realising the deception of Rafe on return she instantly wants to run away again, back to the mainland, back to a place in which she almost felt safe. She goes to leave but begins to discover clues as to the whereabouts (or wherenotabouts) of her estranged mother. Rachel's torment is beginning all over again, forcing her back to a time in her life dominated by a bottle, a time and family trait she thought she'd left behind. Matt (Luke Aikman - FEVER PITCH), who discovered and tended to the injured Jake (Tom Bell - WISH YOU WERE HERE, THE KRAYS), Rachel's father, knows that he is not dying; Rafe lied. Matt hangs around fearing for Rachael's safety but is far from welcome, as he and Rachel find common ground and develop a strange closeness.

With music from Bryan Adams and REM that adds to a moving soundtrack, DEVIL'S GATE was filmed on location in Shetland and Aberdeen, Scotland.

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