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Year: 2006
USA: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
UK: Buena Vista International UK
Cast: Denzel Washington, Paula Patton, Val Kilmer, Jim Caviezel, Adam Goldberg, Elden Henson, Erika Alexander, Bruce Greenwood, Rich Hutchman, Matt Craven, Donna Scott, Elle Fanning, Brian Howe, Enrique Castillo, Mark Phinney, Shondrella Avery, John McConnell, Dane Rhodes, Clay Steakley, Lorry Houston, Polly Craig, Ted Manson, Yvonne Landry, Brian Durkin, Kenneth Lee, Ron Flagge, Scott Alan Smith, Nadia Shazana, Lew Temple, Charlie Hirsch, Justin Colvin, Brandi Coleman, J Todd Smith, Jonathan Majoue, Jerrod Paige, John Will Clay, Bart Hansard, Scott Klace, David Pease, Andy Umberger, Patt Noday, Ritchie Montgomery, Jack Daniel Stanley, Maureen Brennan, Randy Austin, J W Williams, Rio Hackford, Gary Grubbs, Frankie Lynch, Bill Ladd, Lara Grice, Lowell Perry, Michael Arata, Sylvia Jefferies, Carol Sutton, Julia Lashae, Chris Rose, Douglas M Griffin, Margaret Lawhon, Roy Mccrerey, Freddy Mitchell, David Jensen, Jerry Rudden, John Johnson, Ronald Mason, Shawn Michael Patrick, James Huang, Jennifer Weston, Angela D Hoenig, H Gregg Kawecki, Ann Turkel, Christopher Scholl, Charmaine Neville, Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes, Nolan North
Director: Tony Scott
Country: USA
USA: 128 mins
UK: 126 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and terror, disturbing images and some sensuality
UK Certificate: 12A contains moderate action violence
USA Release Date: 22 November 2006
UK Release Date: 15 December 2006

UK Distributor


Everyone has experienced the unsettling mystery of deja vu—that flash of memory when you meet someone new you feel you've known all your life or recognize a place even though you've never been there before. But what if these strange, spooky feelings were actually warnings sent from the past or clues to an unfolding future?

In the fascinating, new action-thriller it is deja vu that unexpectedly guides ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) through an investigation into a shattering crime. Called in to recover evidence after a bomb sets off a cataclysmic explosion on a New Orleans ferry, Carlin is about to discover that what most people believe is only in their heads is actually something far more powerful—and will lead him on a mind-bending race to save hundreds of innocent people.

As Carlin's investigation deepens, it not only probes through the very fabric of space and time but becomes an innovative love story that unfolds in reverse when Carlin discovers his puzzling emotional connection to a woman whose past holds the key to stopping a catastrophe that could destroy their future. In the split second of a glance, without words yet with complete trust, Carlin takes one chance to change everything.

A Jerry Bruckheimer production, DeJa VU is directed by Tony Scott for Touchstone Pictures and written by Bill Marsilii & Terry Rossio.

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