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Year: 2003
USA & UK: Twentieth Century Fox
Cast: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jon Favreau, Scott Terra, Ellen Pompeo, Joe Pantoliano, Leland Orser, Lennie Loftin, Erick Avari, Derrick O'Connor, Paul Ben-Victor, David Keith, Frankie Jay Allison, Joe J Garcia, John Rothman, Jim Fitzgerald, Casey McCarthy, Louis Bernstein, Josie DiVincenzo, Jorge Noa, Levett M Washington, Albert Gutierrez, Lakeith S Evans, Stefanos Miltsakakis, Pat Crawford Brown, Carrie Geiben, Luke Strode, Bruce Mibach, David Doty, Ron Mathews, Daniel B Wing, Jeff Padilla, Dan Brinkle, Jackie Reiss, Stan Lee, Sonya Didenko, Greg "Christopher" Smith, Christopher Prescott, Ari Randall, John S Bakas, Greg Collins, Robert Iler, Chad Christopher Tucker, Jamie Mahoney, Jorn H Winther
Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Country: USA
UK: 103 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for action/violence and some sensuality
UK Certificate: 15 contains frequent strong violence
USA Release Date: 14 February 2003
UK Release Date: 14 February 2003


He dwells in a world of eternal night - but the blackness is filled with sounds and scents, tastes and textures that most cannot perceive. Although attorney Matt Murdock is blind, his other four senses function with superhuman sharpness. By day, Murdock represents the downtrodden. At night he is Daredevil, a masked vigilante stalking the dark streets of the city, a relentless avenger of justice.

For Daredevil, justice is blind...

...and for the guilty (and often himself), there's hell to pay.

A chance meeting in a coffee shop brings the beautiful Elektra Natchios (Garner, Alias) into Murdock's life. He senses her beauty and perseveres to find out more about her in a bid to win her heart. Elektra too has a double identity. Her martial arts skills are put to good use as she too takes to the streets at night on her quest to rid the city of evil.

Murdock's nemesis is the powerful gang-lord Kingpin (Clarke Duncan, Planet of the Apes, The Scorpion King) who, with the help of hired assassin Bullseye (Farrell, Minority Report, Phone Booth), aims to unmask the mysterious hero. This indestructible team intend to destroy DAREDEVIL and anybody else who gets in their way.

Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises present, in association with Marvel Enterprises Inc., a New Regency / Horseshoe Bay Production, DAREDEVIL. Regency, Marvel and Fox together developed the project.

Based on the legendary Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett in 1964, DAREDEVIL stars Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock and Daredevil, the Man Without Fear. Also starring are Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios, Matt Murdock's girlfriend (when she's not trying to kill him) and a martial arts expert. The Daredevil-Elektra / Affleck-Garner dynamic makes the film the sexiest and most morally complex comic book movie ever.

Michael Clarke Duncan is Wilson Fisk, New York's Kingpin of Crime; and Colin Farrell as Bullseye, the assassin with perfect aim. Jon Favreau is Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson, Matt Murdock's lifelong friend and law partner; Joe Pantoliano portrays New York Post investigative reporter Ben Urich; David Keith is Matt's father, Jack 'The Devil' Murdock; and Scott Terra plays the young Matt Murdock.

Written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, the film is produced by Arnon Milchan, Gary Foster and Avi Arad. Stan Lee and Bernie Williams are the executive producers.


Certificate: 15
Feature running time: 99 mins
Language: English
Subtitles: Hard of Hearing English
Original Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (16x9)
Sound Quality: 5.1 / 5.1 DTS

Special Features Disc 1:
Audio commentary from Director Mark Steven Johnson and Producer Gary Foster
Pop up Text commentary
Enhanced viewing mode featuring branched scenes and 8 multi-angle 'Behind the Scenes' segments

Special Features Disc 2:
Beyond Hell's Kitchen: Making Of Daredevil documentary
The Men Without Fear: The Art Of Daredevil documentary
Shadow World featurette
Featured Villain: The Kingpin featurette
Daredevil HBO First Look Special
Moving Through Space - A Day With Tom Sullivan featurette
Jennifer Garner Screen Test
Easter Egg: Gag Reel
Stills Gallery
Modelling Sheet
Daredevil Theatrical Teaser
Theatrical Trailer 'A'
Theatrical Trailer 'B'
Music Video: Fuel 'Won't Back Down'
Music Video: The Calling 'For You'
Music Video: Evanescence 'Bring Me To Life'

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