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Year: 1954
UK: Optimum Releasing
Cast: Richard Todd, Michael Redgrave, Basil Sydney, Ursula Jeans, Derek Farr, Ernest Clark, Harold Siddons, Hugh Manning, Patrick Barr, Frank Phillips,Brewster Mason, Anthony Doonan, Nigel Stock, Brian Nissen, Robert Shaw, Peter Assinder, Richard Leech, Richard Thorp, John Fraser, David Morrell, Bill Kerr, George Baker, Ronald Wilson, Denys Graham, Basil Appleby, Tim Turner, Ewen Solon, Harold Goodwin
Director: Michael Anderson
Country: UK
UK: 120 mins
UK Certificate: U contains mild language and war violence
UK Release Date: 4 September 2007 (Re-release)

UK Distributor


Based on the book by Paul Bricknell, this 1954 World War II classic is about the ingenious and highly secretive development of a specially designed bomb that literally bounced over the water surface. This enabled the British to destroy a strategic dam inside Germany using this unique design and cause as much sabotage as possible on Germany's industry.

Starring Richard Todd and Michael Redgrave, this is a great actioner and is incredibly tense as the film reaches its climatic mission to deliver the bomb in the closing scenes. It was filmed in black and is being re-released.

Filmmaker Peter Jackson (THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, KING KONG) is to start filming DAMBUSTERS in 2008 in a remake of this popular classic.

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