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Year: 2006
USA: Regent Releasing
Cast: Chowee Leow, Steven Lim, Gareth Rhys Davies, Neil Collie, John Ebb-on-Knee Campbell, Mark Hampton, Paul Cox, David Cary, David Tse, Michelle Lee, Shirley Chantrell, Paul Courtenay Hyu, David Leigh, Mark Wakeling, James Bridgeman, Ian Campbell, Kai Ting Chiang, Gerard Canning, Rob Prewett, Susan Hodgetts, Micheal Onder, Stephen Carlill, Naveen Mann, Eric Way
Director: Ray Yeung
Countries: UK / Hong Kong
USA: 86 mins
USA Rated: R for strong sexual content, drug use and language
USA Release Date: 10 August 2007 (Limited Release)


Mel, an aging scene queen with the ego of Norma Desmond, believes life is a beauty pageant with him always the winner. But how long can he sashay down the catwalk when his eye bags are bigger than his Gucci bags? And who is going to be waiting at the end of the rainbow when there is no place like home?

Ash is tired of the jaded gay scene where steroid bodies and the Atkin's diet are the only offerings on the menu and all the macho posing only reveals a Farah Fawcett in the bedroom. Ash decides the only way for him to find a real man is to click on those Jimmy Choo's. Will his foray into the wonderland of tranny burrows and tranny chasers bring him his dream man?

CUT SLEEVE BOYS is a quirky stir fried journey of self discovery and ultimately, a makeover of the British Chinese gay experience.

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