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Year: 2009
UK: Verve Pictures
Cast: Richard E Grant, Laura Fraser, Tamsin Greig, Adam Fenton aka Adam F, Antonia Bernath, Richard Brake, Helen Betty Knott, David Maybrick, Ben Righton, Stephen Aintree
Director: Richard Bracewell
Country: UK
UK: 89 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, once very strong
UK Release Date: 17 December 2010 (Limited Release)


CUCKOO, a creepy thriller starring Richard E Grant, Laura Fraser (A KNIGHT'S TALE, THE FLYING SCOTSMAN, TITUS), Tamsin Greig (LOVE SOUP, GREEN WING) and award winning jungle/drum & bass artist Adam Fenton (Adam F).

In one of his darkest roles, Richard E Grant plays an ageing professor obsessed with his star student, Polly (Laura Fraser). Polly is trapped in a dead-end job working for intrusive Professor Julius Greengrass (Grant). Her relationship with boyfriend Chapman (Adam Fenton) is falling apart, and jealous sister Jimi (Antonia Bernath) rarely leaves her side. When Polly has the chance to escape, her nearest and dearest have other ideas.

Alone in her flat, Polly struggles to keep her grip on reality. Mysterious sounds surround her, voices in the darkness, whispers of deceit. Polly knows she’s not cuckoo, but why won’t the noises go away? She turns to the one person she can trust " her boss. But Julius has a dark secret of his own. He wants Polly, and he’ll do anything to get her.

Using oppressive cinematography and a haunting soundtrack from BAFTA nominee Andrew Hewitt, writer/director Richard Bracewell, whose first film was the acclaimed low-budget comedy THE GIGOLOS, carefully builds Polly’s world, echoing her stressed and anxious state. Expertly played by Fraser, we feel Polly’s sense of isolation as events unfold around her in this darkly atmospheric and compelling story of deception and intrigue.

CUCKOO teases and provokes as it heads towards its dramatic and shocking climax, asking as many questions as it answers.

Adam F began his career as jungle/drum & bass artist, producing classics such as ‘Circles’ and award winning album, ‘Colours’. He has produced and collaborated with artists such as Jay-Z, The Prodigy, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, David Bowie and Alicia Keys. CUCKOO is his first major role in a feature film.

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