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Year: 2002
USA & UK: Warner Bros
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elias Koteas, Francesca Neri, Cliff Curtis, John Leguizamo, John Turturro, Lindsay Frost, Jsu Garcia, Shelley Malil, Tyler Posey, Harry J Lennix, Kevin Beard, Ehecatl Chavez, Jon Donahue, Rodrigo Obregón, Miguel Sandoval, Jorge Zepeda
Director: Andrew Davis
Country: USA
USA: 109 mins
UK: 108 mins
USA Rated: R for violence and some language
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and violence
USA Release Date: 8 February 2002
UK Release Date: 5 April 2002


In one fleeting moment, LA firefighter Gordon Brewer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) loses everything that he had ever cared about.

Running late to meet his wife and young son at a downtown high-rise, he witnesses a catastrophic bomb blast that kills his family before his eyes. The explosion is credited to Claudio 'The Wolf' Perrini (Cliff Curtis), an infamous rebel leader in Colombia's decades-long civil war. The intended targets were members of the Colombian consulate and American intelligence agents. Gordon's wife and child are considered 'collateral damage', innocent people who lost their lives for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gordon's only consolation is the hope that justice will prevail for the loss of his family.

When the official US investigation into the Wolf's whereabouts fails, Gordon realises that bringing the terrorist to justice is no longer a priority to anyone but himself. Against the advice of friends and pointed warnings from the CIA and the FBI, Gordon heads to war-torn Colombia to track him down alone. He puts his life on the line to bring the Wolf to justice but at this point he has nothing left to lose. Gordon's relentless pursuit leads him from the jungles of Colombia back to the streets of Washington where the bomber is preparing to strike again.

From the director of THE FUGITIVE (Andrew Davis), Warner Bros Pictures presents in association with Bel-Air Entertainment, COLLATERAL DAMAGE, produced by Steven Reuther and David Foster from a story by Ronald Roose, David Griffiths and Peter Griffiths, screenplay by David Griffiths and Peter Griffiths.

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