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Year: 2009
UK: High Fliers Films
Cast: Robert Taylor, Lisa Chappell, Sam Parsonson, Terry Camilleri, Geoff Morrell, Jodie Dry, Joseph Del Re,
Director: Rupert Glasson
Countries: UK / Australia
UK: 88 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, sex and violence
UK Release Date: 23 October 2009 (Limited Release)


From the producer of WOLF CREEK.

In a remote fishing town, happily married Rob and Jess have been trying to have a baby for three long years and she is becoming desperate. In a drunken mistake, she sleeps with Evan, a young stranger come to town whose interest in her borders on the obsessive.

The day she discovers she is pregnant, Jess' guilt turns to horror as Evan begins a terrifying transformation from stalker to psychopath, determined to prove paternity of the child and claim Jess for his own. In the vein of FATAL ATTRACTION and CAPE FEAR, COFFIN ROCK is a story of infidelity, leading to harassment, terror and murder.

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