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Year: 2003
USA: Prime Media Pictures
Cast: Annie Lee, Philip Moon, Jeff Fahey, Christina Ma, Faleena Hopkins, Kaye Lu, Angie Lee, Frank Rosanoff, Alexia Aleman, Drew Fuller, Janet Hoskins, Adoni Maropis, James Quattrochi, Susan Talbot, M J Rzeznik, Rosalinde Tropper, Garry Douglas Kohn, Robert Frank Telfer, James Tamis, Mathew Botuchis, Mary Linda Phillips
Director: Jimmy Lee
Country: USA
USA: 92 mins
USA Release Date: 16 April 2004 (Limited Release)


CLOSE CALL is a coming of age awakening heartfelt story about a teenage girl trapped in a downward spiral of promiscuous sex, drugs, alcohol use, and criminality. Brutally honest in its depiction of the damage wrought by the breakdown of the family in contemporary America, CLOSE CALL adds another theme to the story: The ever-widening gap between first generation parents and American youth.

CLOSE CALL focuses on 16 year-old Jenny Kim (Annie Lee), born and raised in corrupt, fast-paced Los Angeles. Family problems lead to a divorce causing Jenny to suffer from intense feelings of alienation and abandonment. Ignorant of her native culture and unsure of her place in American society, Jenny finds herself vulnerable to the evil influences and temptations surrounding her from friends, raves, boys and other mishaps.

While her mother, Joanne (Christina Ma) loses control of her, it is her father, David (Philip Moon), who reunites with Jenny and tries to lead the teenager to redemption. Never losing his all-consuming love for Jenny, David proves willing to make any sacrifice to save her. It is the intense psychological interplay between father and daughter in two different worlds that forms the heart and soul of CLOSE CALL..

CLOSE CALL is one of the first feature films written, produced, and directed in Los Angeles by a Korean-American - Jimmy Lee. The film includes a breakthrough cast with Jeff Fahey (THE LAWNMOWER MAN), Philip Moon (THE BIG LEBOWSKI), newcomer Annie Lee, Faleena Hopkins (BLOWN AWAY), Christina Ma (KISS THE GIRLS), and Adoni Maropis (THE SCORPION KING).

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