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Year: 1998
USA: Indican Releasing
Cast: Paul Hipp, Bitty Schram, Boyd Kestner, Radha Mitchell, Alexis Arquette, Jonathan Penner, Nancy Ferguson
Director: Jon Reiss
Country: USA
USA: 92 mins
USA Release Date: 29 September 2000 (Limited Release)


In CLEOPATRA'S SECOND HUSBAND Hallie Marrs (Bitty Schram), a domineering wife, controls when she had her weak photographer husband Robert (Paul Hipp) have sex, as it's according to her ovulation cycle. Hallie plans a break in the country and through friends of friends finds the charismatic Zack (Boyd Kestner) and his sensual girlfriend Sophie (Radha Mitchell). New to LA they agree to housesit and look after the fish and dog.

Cutting their holiday short when Robert receives an offer to publish his work in an influential photo magazine they return early to find things aren't as they should be at home and despite Robert's protests Hallie lets Zack and

Sophie stay upon request, as they haven't found an apartment to live in yet.

Sucked into the machinations of the three people living in his house, Robert is first seduced by the erotically perverse Sophie. Hallie discovers the dalliance and flees. With her gone, Robert agrees to let Zack and Sophie stay so he doesn't get lonely, giving them control of everything - his food, his bedroom, his credit cards, practically his entire identity. Even Sophie cannot stand how far the arrangement goes, and she too leaves.

Now it's just Robert and Zack, Zack abusing their relationship at every turn. Until one day Robert, driven to the darkest edge of his psyche, gets an idea. Before this all began, he'd been planning an innovative photography project involving captured insects. But now he's got another, more fascinating subject in mind.

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