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Year: 2002
USA: Artisan Entertainment
Cast: Sheryl Lee, Tom Arnold, Tania Raymonde, Joe Pichler, Jesse Plemons, Christopher McDonald, Phyllis Frelich, Cynthia Baker, Tom Brainard, Brazhal Brewer, Ritch Brinkley, Emily Clibourn, Freeman Coffey, Caitlin Collins, Marilyn Dodds Frank, Weston Mueller, Lucina Paquet, Alexander Piccolo, Joe Van Slyke
Director: Mark Medoff
Country: USA
USA: 102 min
USA Rated: PG for mild thematic elements and brief language
USA Release Date: 18 October 2002 (Limited Release)


Medda, Alabama - 1947

A stifling heat has settled down on this tiny one-street town in the heart of the South. The residents resign themselves to the long months ahead, sipping lemonade, playing dominoes, going about their business, completely unaware that this will not be just another summer. Enter Lily Jane Bobbit (Tania Raymonde), a mysterious 13 year-old girl, accompanied by her mute mother (Phyllis Frelich), who arrive on the bus one day out of the blue.

Two of Medda's youngest residents are particularly taken by Miss Bobbit's almost magical influence. Billy Bob Murphy (Joe Pichler) lives with his recently war-widowed mother, Elnore (Sheryl Lee), trying his best to cope without a father. Although our hero consistently tries to do what's right and good, his beset friend, Preacher Star (Jesse Plemons), makes that next to impossible. Condemned to spend his childhood with an alcoholic father and two ruthless older brothers, Preacher has not had an easy time of it and has little or no compunction about getting himself and Billy Bob into big, big trouble.

The two 13 year-old boys are each determined to win Lily Jane over and battle for her attention. But as the summer months wear on, it is clear that the two boys are on a collision course that could not only destroy their friendship, but take the tiny town with them. Elinore, try as she might to save her son from the heartache that he will inevitably endure, must eventually stand back and let the pre-adolescent triangle play itself out.

However a crooked show promoter Lionel Quince (Tom Arnold) causes the boys to realise that true friendship is hard to come by. The boys, together with Miss Bobbit and her friend Sister Rosalba manage to foil Quince's plans and capture him for the local authorities.

Based on the classic short story by Truman Capote, comes a story of a time when American was innocent - a story of true friendship, new love, coming of age and dreams that come true - just like the wishes of CHILDREN ON THEIR BIRTHDAYS.

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