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Year: 2008
UK: Vertigo Distribution
Cast: Moritz Bleibtreu, Denis Moschitto, Volkan Özcan, Fahri Ogun Yardim, Reyhan Sahin, Lilay Huser, Philipp Baltus, Henny Reents, Hans Löw, Simon Goerts, Murat Karaman, Enver Akin, Lucas Gregorowicz, Jelica Batarilo, Peter Jordan
Director: Özgur Yildirim
Country: Germany
Language: German (English subtitles)
UK: 92 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong language, strong bloody violence & hard drug use
UK Release Date: 21 August 2009 (Limited Release)


Chiko (Denis Moschitto) and his best friend, Tibet (Volkan Özcan), of Turkish origin, are living in the suburban ghettos of Hamburg, Germany. They think that money, power and respect are all that count in life.

Chiko's ruthless streak catches the attention of Brownie (Moritz Bleibtreu - SPEED RACER, RUN LOLA RUN), the drug lord who controls everything the two friends dream of. Chiko fights for Brownies trust and respect and eventually becomes Brownies right hand in the local drug underworld.

Everything Chiko has worked so ruthlessly for is put in jeopardy when Tibet crosses the violent Brownie. Suddenly Chiko finds himself in an extremely dangerous situation and has to decide whether his friendship with Tibet is worth more than losing his reputation and his status in Brownie's criminal organisation.

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