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Year: 2008
UK: Warner Music Entertainment
Cast: John Shrapnel, Simon Callow, Kal Weber, Lucy Cudden, Jud Charlton, Paul McDowell, Richard Franklin, Terence Bayler, Robert Ashby, Jared Ashe, Esme Bianco, Sean Rea, Geoff Breton, Lily Dumont, Helen Millar, Thomas Nelstrop, Andrea Sadler, Danny Szam, Mark Wainwright, Lizzie Millne, Perrine Moran, Mat Fraser, Antonia Beamish
Director: Julian Doyle
Country: UK
UK: 104 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong sex, nudity, violence and drug use
UK Release Date: 30 May 2008 (Limited Release)


"Something wicked this way comes".

19 year-old Cambridge graduate student Lia (Lucy Cudden) is on the lookout for any newsworthy item for the college newspaper. When she hears of a joint scientific venture to set up a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality suit from California's Cal Tech to be linked up to the Z93 - the largest, super-conductive computer in the world - in Cambridge, she contacts the suit's designer, Dr Joshua Mathers (Kal Weber). When Lia interviews Dr Mathers there is a mutual attraction between the two.

Meanwhile Dr Victor Neumann (Jud Charlton), the main programmer for the Z93 who has an obsession with 19th century occultist Aleister Crowley, has entered converted Crowley's black magic ceremonies to a series of equations and entered them into the Z93. Unbeknown to him Mathers has been attempting to make the Virtual Reality suit 'intelligent'. When Neuman performs an experiment with the suit to promote the joining of his computer programme with the human brain using his accomplice Dr Oliver Haddo (Simon Callow) as the guinea pig, theplan backfires.

Haddo collapses then revives and breaks free from the lab. His personality altered to Crowley's causes Neuman to believe Haddo may now have become reincarnated as Crowley (John Shrapnel) himself as he attempts to perform Crowley's most powerful rite requiring a blood union - the Chemical Wedding! As Dr Mathers' realises the horrors that are about to be unleashed, particularly as Lia has become the main target, he enters the suit in a battle against the occult and science.

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