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Year: 2008
UK: Metrodome Distribution
UK DVD: Metrodome Distribution
Cast: Yun-Seok Kim, Jung-Woo Ha, Yeong-Hie Seo, In-Gi Jung, Hyo-Ju Park
Director: Na Hong-jin
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean (English subtitles)
UK: 120 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong bloody violence and terrorisation
UK Release Date: 19 September 2008
UK DVD Release Date: 2 February 2009


2008's international box office sensation The Chaser is being remade by the team that brought you 'The Departed'. But there's only ever one original.

Ex-detective-turned-pimp Jung-ho's night is getting messy. Convinced his girls are running out on him, he sends one of his last remaining girls, Mi-jin, on a desperate last minute job. Too late, however, he makes a bone-chilling discovery: this customer's home is where all his missing girls were last sent.

Fearing the worst, Jung-ho's relentless pursuit of Mi-jin ends in a terrifying chase through the city streets after a car crash throws a blood spattered suspect into his path. Calling in old favours, Jung-ho is certain he has caught this ruthless killer. But despite a disturbing confession, the lack of evidence means this cold-hearted psychopath might soon be freed by the bureaucratic police force.

Jung -ho, armed with few clues but filled with street-smart and savage determination, has just 12 hours to find the killer's lair, before he is set free to continue his reign of terror.


Special Features:
Making Of 'The Chaser'
Deleted Scenes
Theatrical trailer

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