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Year: 2010
USA: New Films International
Cast: Nikki Reed, Keith David, Brad Dourif, Betsy Russell, Matt Cohen, Michael J Pagan, Ling Bai, Cherilyn Wilson, Noah Segan, Michael Bailey Smith, Clifton Powell, Brian Tee, Cody Kasch, Patrick St Esprit, Deborah Geffner, Terrence Evans, Jonathan Hernandez, Andy Arness, Goldie Chan, Eliot Benjamin, Big Spence, Mark S Allen, Madison Bauer, Roshni Shukla, Christina Marie, Sheila Ellis, David Zahedian
Director: Deon Taylor
Country: USA
USA: 96 mins
USA Rated: R for strong bloody sadistic violence throughout, language and brief nudity
USA Release Date: 1 October 2010 (Limited Release)


"Don't break the chain!"

Horror thriller CHAIN LETTER sees a high school senior Jessie Campbell (Nikki Reed) and her friends begin to receive a string of menacing email chain letters which increasingly freak them out.

Always accompanied by a warning not to break the chain or they will lose a life, the emails take on sinister and deadly repercussions when the friends that do not forward on the email are individually targeted and horrifically killed by the Chain Man.

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