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Year: 2010
USA: Magnet Releasing
UK: Pathe Distribution
UK DVD: Pathe Productions
Cast: Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, Noel Clarke, Olga Kurylenko, Liam Cunningham, David Morrissey, Ulrich Thomsen, JJ Feild, Axelle Carolyn, Riz Ahmed, Dave Legeno, Rachael Stirling, James Currie, Dhaffer L'Abidine, Imogen Poots, Hamish Moir
Director: Neil Marshall
Country: UK
USA & UK: 97 mins
USA Rated: R for sequences of strong bloody violence, grisly images and language
UK Certificate: 15 contains frequent strong bloody violence and strong language
USA Release Date: 27 August 2010
UK Release Date: 23 April 2010
UK DVD Release Date: 16 August 2010


AD 117

The Roman Empire stretches from Egypt to Spain, and go eastwards to the Black Sea. However, in northern Britain as a result of guerrilla tactics from the terrifying, savage and elusive Picts, the Roman advance as stopped.

Quintus Dias (Michael Fassbender), the lone survivor from a Pictish raid on a Roman fort on the frontier, is advancing forwards with General Virilus' (Dominic West) legendary 9th legion with orders to decimate the Picts and annihilate Gorlacon (Ulrich Thomsen), the Picts leader. The Picts know the terrain and succeed in ambushing the legion and securing the capture of Virilus.

Quintus is faced with a dilemma as his legion is depleting from the remorseless Pict incursions, yet he must somehow keep his men alive and rescue the General. He is faced with an almost impossible task given the harsh and dangerous terrain he must cover before reaching the safety of the Roman frontier.

Directed by writer/director Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, DOOMSDAY). A griping action thriller and pursuit movie set against the backdrop of invasion and conquest in the same vein as THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS and APOCALYPTO.

Synopsis DVD

A relentless, action-packed thriller in the tradition of APOCALYPTO, LAST OF THE MOHICANS and DELIVERANCE, CENTURION is the gripping story of a fight for survival set against a background of conquest and invasion. Written and directed by Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, DOG SOLDIERS), CENTURION features compelling performances from an all-star cast including Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, Olga Kurylenko and Noel Clarke, and is released on Blu-ray and DVD.

Packed with breath-taking twists and turns, brutal fight scenes and blood-spattered chases, CENTURION is a beautifully shot and intense story of chaos and revenge. With special features including an audio commentary, featurettes, deleted scenes and outtakes, don't miss the chance to see this unforgettable film on Blu-ray and DVD.


Special Features (Blu-ray and DVD):
* Audio commentary with director Neil Marshall, cinematographer Sam McCurdy, production designer Simon Bowles and special make-up effects designer Paul Hyett
* The Lost Legion Featurette
* Getting Down and Dirty Featurette
* Guts and Gore Featurette
* Fireballs, Stunts & Mayhem Featurette
* Deleted Scenes - with introduction from director Neil Marshall
* Production Design Gallery
* Outtakes

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