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Year: 2010
USA DVD: Lionsgate
UK DVD: Metrodome Distribution
Cast: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Jason Ambrose, Tim Fields, Sidney Hall, Richard T. Jones, Lyle Kanouse, Chris Klein, Christine Lakin, Michael Matthias, Brian A. Miller, R.D.Miller Jr, Roy Oraschin, Kurt Race, Adam Rodriguez, Alyssa Julya Smith
Director: Brian A. Miller
Country: USA
USA: 85 mins
UK: 78 mins
USA Rated: R for violence and language throughout
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong violence and language
USA DVD Release Date: 13 July 2010
UK DVD Release Date: 6 September 2010


There’s something dark and seedy lurking in the menacing underbelly of Detroit’s decaying suburbs, and police detectives Briggs (CHRIS KLEIN) and Shepherd (ADAM RODRIGUEZ), and their underworld informant (CURTIS ‘50 CENT’ JACKSON), are caught right in the middle of it.

In the city’s shadowy backstreets, a routine investigation into a seemingly random gang-related execution unearths a tangled web of deceit and corruption, which leads from the crime-ridden streets right into their very own police department.

Caught in the firing line between dangerous street hoods and dirty cops, Briggs and Shepherd’s desperate bid to uncover the truth threatens to erupt in a maelstrom of violence and betrayal.



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