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Year: 2010
UK DVD: Optimum Releasing
Cast: Zoe Felix, Eric Savin, Arie Elmaleh, Ivan Franek, Igor Skreblin, Philippe Krhajac, Margaux Guenier
Director: Yann Gozlan
Country: France
Language: French
UK: 80 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong threat and gory images
UK DVD Release Date: 4 April 2011


In war torn Eastern Europe a young nurse named Carole saves valuable lives as part of a humanitarian aid group. Soon her mission will be over and it will be time to return home.

But what seems like a short cut to freedom soon turns into a journey of agonising, torturous pain beyond the human threshold.

Just like Martyrs before it, Caged is gaining notoriety as a stylish, unforgettable and gruesomely relentless example of extreme cinema at its most terrifying.



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