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Year: 2000
USA: A Cobra Communications Production
Cast: Jack Marnell, Steve Kasprzak, A J Johnson, J J Flash, Bill McCreary, Russ Romano, David Harman, Roslyn Ziff, Jayne A Larson, Shane Barbanel, Steve Roberts, Mark Llewellyn, Charles Daniels, Rubi Hochland, Glenn Vitale, Kirk Williams, Sr, Caesar Campbell, Ron G Jones, Theo Perry, Gerard Catus, Chris Mordecai, Gregory B Jones, Patrick Landers, Mike Calderone, Lucas Pena, Russ Gerard
Director: Lindley Farley
Country: USA
USA Release Date: 6 September 2000 (Limited Release - New York)


The Bulls' Night Out is a dramatic thriller set in contemporary Greenpoint, Brooklyn. George Wall (Jack Marnell) is a retired cop and bar owner. His life revolves around emotional entanglements with his girlfriend Audrey (Roslyn Ziff), socializing with other retired cops and keeping an eye for so-called drug dealers in his neighborhood.

While playing cards one night, George's bar is held up. When George and his friends decide to teach the bandit (Mark Llewellyn) a lesson, a series of events change George's life forever. The four retired detectives with a lot of time on their hands, decide to take back the streets and clean up! What they didn't know, is that the streets have changed, and they have not.

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