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Year: 2005
USA: Magnolia Pictures
Cast: Debbie Doebereiner, Dustin James Ashley, Misty Dawn Wilkins, Omar Cowan, Laurie Lee, David Hubbard, Kyle Smith, Decker Moody, Steve Deem, Paul Brooks, Jr, Daniel R Christian, Ross Clegg, Thomas R Davis, Terrence V Williams II, Scott Smeeks, Lenora K Hornbeck, Katherine Beaumier, Dawn Hall, Joyce Brookhart, Amanda Massey, Adam C Anderson, Jeffrey R Morris
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Country: USA
USA Rated: R for some language
USA DVD Release Date: 31 January 2006
USA Release Date: 27 January 2006 (Limited Release)


In this unique cinematic experiment from acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh, an unlikely love triangle is born at a doll factory in a small midwestern town fallen on hard times. Lonely and isolated, long time employees Martha (Debbie Doebereiner) and Kyle (Dustin James Ashley) have become friends by default in spite of their drastic age difference, but their dynamic is upset by the arrival of a new worker: young, attractive single mother Rose (Misty Dawn Wilkins). As Martha grows increasingly wary about Rose's dubious character, she discovers Kyle and Rose developing a relationship of their own.

One morning, Rose is found dead, strangled in her own home. An investigation begins, one that will call into question our established assumptions about these characters and life in their small town.

Featuring a cast of non-professional actors from the Ohio location, Soderbergh brings this tragic story of characters striving to establish and maintain meaningful connections to life with startling realism.

BUBBLE is the first of six films Steven Soderbergh is directing for HDNet Films that will be shot in high-definition and released simultaneously in theaters, on DVD and on cable television. Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban are experimenting with this day-and-date model utilizing various media properties they own, with a goal of giving consumers a choice of how, when and where they wish to see a movie.

The first film of the group, BUBBLE, will open in theatres across the USA on January 27 and will be shown digitally in Landmark Theatres where available. On the same night, HDNet Movies will show the television premiere of BUBBLE twice, at 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm EST Magnolia Home Entertainment will release the DVD through retail outlets on Tuesday, January 31, immediately following the theatrical release, as Tuesday is the standard release day for DVDs throughout the retail market. For the first time, consumers will truly have their choice of how they want to watch a new film.

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